Over 68 Million

Over 68 Million

Congratulations, McDonalds! You win! Not only have you served over more than 60 billion hamburgers, you've successfully served up more than 16.8 trillion calories! And yes, we realize we are grossly underestimating your contribution to our collective global weight gain (a not insignificant achievement of 4.8 billion pounds of body fat) given that our calculations are based on the basic 280 calorie burger and not the ubiquitous Big Mac which weighs in at a whopping (no pun intended) 485 calories.

By contrast, while we've served up over 68 million pixies, our caloric contribution is less impressive. While it's true our average GreenTeaHP pixie is right around 7 calories, the calories burned while tearing open our convenient, go-anywhere package, mixing it in a reusable plastic water bottle, and shaking it until mixed to refreshing perfection are right around...7!

And just a preemptive retort to all you math whizzes and fact checkers:

Even if our numbers don't match yours, you surely must admit that even give or take a few billion, we are the undeniable (but gracious) losers in this little calorie counting competition.


Our Goal

Yeah, it's cool that we've sold over 68 million pixies and counting, but only because it's a really easy way for us to measure our real goal: become the best share company in the world. And by "share" company, we aren't talking about profit sharing (but we do that too and you can learn more in the Join Our Team section of this site).

What "share" means to us is more along the lines of what your mom meant when she said to share your Halloween candy with your sister or your favorite toy with your friend. It means that if something brings you joy or improves your life, you should offer someone else this same opportunity to experience something good by sharing it.

And because of the way we do business--sharing pixies and telling others how GreenTeaHP has improved our lives --each pixie really represents a story shared.

In fact, even better than seeing the numbers, is hearing the real stories of how our customers were introduced to the business, the ways their lives have changed, and the interesting places they've shared their stories with others. To share your story with us, click on the Share Your Story link below.


About GreenTeaHP™

Green Tea has been brewed and consumed for thousands of years as a professed “aid to many health ailments.” Even though the health benefits of green tea have become more commonly known throughout the world, the consumption of green tea has not caught on due to a variety of reasons – taste, lack of supply, access, differing cultural norms, and on and on. GreenTeaHP, however, is quickly overcoming those barriers. It tastes great, is convenient and very accessible. Most importantly, its healthy ingredients are supported by verifiable scientific research.

GreenTeaHP contains the right amount of EGCG, the antioxidant that is specific to green tea. EGCG has been researched in thousands of clinical trials and studies throughout the last fifty years. This powerful antioxidant assists in neutralizing free radicals that produce harmful effects in your body. Free radicals are associated with aging, cancer, alcohol induced liver damage, smoking related diseases, and a host of other illnesses. Studies show that EGCG can play a key role in defending the health risks associated with free radicals, and is pivotal in repairing damage that creates even the most common of illnesses that plague the general population.


About Grenx

Years ago when we started the ‘green tea’ journey we simply wanted to (1) perfect the GreenTeaHP experience and (2) continue to please our customers with a more perfect taste, a more perfect price, and a more perfect way to enjoy the beverage while on the go.

Little did we know that thousands of these happy customers would return repeatedly to let us know that they had been sharing their newly found GreenTeaHP drink with family, friends and fellow employees. As a result of these experiences, they began to request a more trouble-free way to purchase in bulk and the possibility of being compensated for their sharing of the product with others.

At first we just continued on our journey of building our core business. However, as time went by the response to expand outside of our core business had grown to such an overwhelming pitch, we decided to take action. So, we put our heads together and came up with a way for you to distribute GreenTeaHP.

There is no better way to start your business than with GreenTeaHP – market tested with the right price, the right taste and the right way to distribute.


Meet The Management Team

GreenTeaHP is more than a beverage, it's an experience. And it's an experience you can share easily and with everyone. What makes our team successful is that they love this product and in some way or another it's changed their life.

Product and distribution perfection is nothing without a perfect someone to keep us on that perfect course. From the beginning Dr. Roger Hendrix has overseen the expansion of grënx to assure that the right strategies, right financing, right tactical moves and the right motivation were in place to keep us focused and fully engaged in working toward our measurable goals.

Dr. Hendrix, throughout his career as a strategic consultant, commentator and author has assisted hundreds of companies to help set their most promising course, develop long term successful strategies and keep them motivated. His clients include some of the country’s and world’s most influential companies and organizations. They include The American Red Cross, Security Pacific Corporation (now Bank of America), Siemens, Bonneville International, and The Dallas Morning News, etc.

The Right Experts

Under the guidance of Dr. Hendrix, grënx has assembled industry experts that will help us to move forward profitably, as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. We have built a world class team of nutritional experts, biochemists, doctors, attorneys and industry consultants. You can feel comfortable building your business with the help of these experts.

Meet the grënx Team

Roger Hendrix Jr.
Chief Executive Officer and President

Mr. Hendrix co-founded and co-managed several entities that were predecessors to grënx. As CEO of these multimillion dollar entities, Mr. Hendrix built several successful multinational and domestic nutraceutical and skincare brands. Mr. Hendrix attended Brigham Young University.

Gerry Nehra Sr.
Gerald Nehra - On Retainer Counsel for Direct Marketing Issues

Gerald Nehra of Muskegon, Michigan, is an Attorney at Law, licensed in the states of Michigan, New York, Colorado, and the US Federal Courts. His 37 years of legal experience include 8 years on the IBM Legal Staff, and 9 years as the Director of the Amway Corporation Legal Division. His private law practice was established in 1992 and exclusively serves the legal needs of direct selling companies. Mr. Nehra is on retainer to Grënx to protect its legal interests in his area of specialty. Mr. Nehra is a Supplier Member of the US Direct Selling Association, and serves on its Government Affairs Committee and Lawyers Council. He is a support member of the MLMIA and serves on its Board of Directors. He is a support member of the Canadian Direct Selling Association, the Professional Association of Network Marketing and the Direct Selling Woman's Alliance. He is a frequent speaker at direct selling seminars, and writes for industry publications.

Rod Cook
Special Advisor to the CEO

Rod Cook of Austin, Texas is commonly known as "The God Father of the Network Marketing Industry." If you look behind the history of any current booming MLM company in the U.S. currently you will find Rod Cook. Market leaders like Life Force, Legacy USA, Xango, and others have Rod's footprints in their growth! For years Rod Cook served the Network Marketing industry as the well known co-owner, editor and the investigative arm for The MLM Insider magazine. ABC television's 20/20, has featured the MLM Insider,, so has Success, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, and many others as the MLM Industry "Watchdog" tracking down illegal and immoral companies. Rod is reputed for blunt, truthful information. Rod's articles have been published in over 30 different publications. Rod has one of the two largest MLM research libraries in the world! Rod is humorously called the "MLM Godfather" because of his huge databases. He teaches advanced marketing techniques in Tom Schrieter's(Big Al)Power Marketing Workshop. Rod's Internet "Power Online Workshop" is the Internet MLM marketing school for the industry. His public speaking engagements are legendary hits, as well as his training and lecture series "Truth and Lies of NetWork Marketing." Rod works with grënx to help the Company get to the bottom of issues and questions fast.

Josh Smith,
Vice President of Product Development
CSCS, MS in Exercise Physiology

Mr. Smith is a nationally recognized key note speaker and health promotion specialist for some of the largest corporations in the western United States. His fun and simple way of breaking down what it takes to live a longer healthier life has motivated thousands of people to take control of their well being. Mr. Smith will teach us (through articles, at conventions and on conference calls) how GreenTeaHP and fitness can help us take control of our future health.