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About Green Tea

International Royal also known as Green Tea HP was established in year 2007 in United Arab Emirates. The owner thought of opening a unique products that rest assured will meet consumer needs. It focuses on its well-known product Green Tea HP which is imported from USA.

The company started its operation in the city of Al Ain UAE followed by its branches in Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Mall in Dubai. As the first supplier and only distributor of a unique product, the first branch succeeds. Through its existing branches, the company is developing a higly professional sales tean that can contribute in the field of market strategy. Sales Team was formed. All was very well-trained, from individual to group, which is why it creates the ability to expand manpower in a very short time.

We are committed to offering only the very best to our customers. Our customers have come to expect the finest from us – be in it all in the products, all backed by superior after sales service.

Although the company is the only distributor of Green Tea HP in the region of Emirates, we strongly believe and in confident that more existing branches will meet the market. As of now, there will be a program to conduct training as for the preparationof our upcoming stores that will meet the market soon.

Our product is in line of fast-growing, reliable, and easily meets consumer needs. Each of us, majority are health – conscious individual and this product is made to satisfy each need.

Green Tea is the only green tea made from fresh green tea (not dried) green tea leaves that uses a patented water extraction which provides all the health benefits from it. It has no aritificial flavor, has the full value of Vitamin C and that is one serving of Green Tea HP is equal to 50 cups of regular green tea.

However, we have a lot of different teas in the market. Some of them namely as the Beauty Tea, Pink Tea, Muscle Pump, Caffeine Free Tea and a lot more existing flavors to come. Our product maintain its very high quality that boost individulas energy. Guaranteed freshness is found in each kind. It is diabetic friendly.

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