Muscle Pump

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Muscle Pump by GreenTeaHP contains 30 berry flavored Muscle Pump pixies. For best results, pour into 12 – 16 ounces of cold water and shake. To be consumed once daily, on workout days; before, during or after workout.
Pump it up Until You Can Feel It. Pump It Up, You Know You Can. Feel the Energy. Music.The Beat. The Burn. The Need. The Desire. The Push. The Strength. The Body. The Envelope. Nothing Comes to Those Who Linger. Less to Those who Sit.


Advanced Workout Beverage that provides key nutrients to support an active lifestyle.

MUSCLE PUMP is a proprietary blend of highly concentrated green tea antioxidants, acai, L-argenine, Glutamine and a full compilation of Berries.


Key Ingredients

Green Tea: Thought to be responsible for the long-life health of Asian cultures, green tea is filled with powerful antioxidants which have been linked with many health benefits including fat loss.

Acai: Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acid, acai has been prized for centuries for its healthful properties.

Argenine: Has been shown to support healthy sexual performance, cardiovascular health and anti-aging properties.

Glutamine: Helps control negative biochemical affects resulting from the buildup of waste byproducts resulting from strenuous exercise. Synergistic properties may be optimized when combined with L-argenine.

  • Deron Williams – Utah Jazz Eddie Johnson – Ex NFL and Utah Ute
  • Paul Millsap – Utah Jazz Andy Tooleson – Ex Utah Jazz, and BYU Cougar
  • Josh Savage – New Orleans Saints